Hi, I'm Philipp Sackl-O’Neill

I use the skills that I learned as a designer to solve problems in leadership, business strategy and innovation.

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I currently serve as Director of User Experience at Freeletics.
Before that, I was Head of Design for Firefox at Mozilla.
I co-founded Push Conference and UX & Product.

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Values Over Goals

Values over goals

Call me crazy, but I have mostly opted out of the goal setting game. I played that game for years and always found the quest for clear goals cumbersome at best and restricting at worst.

What do I do instead now? I focus on cultivating good values and behaviors.

I find that this focuses me more on the things within my control. Not only is that more motivating, it also gives me a useful filter for all the opportunities that present themselves along the way.

How do you operate? Has goal setting helped or hindered you in the past?

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